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Dr. Steven

In "The Heart of Giving”
discover God’s true heart for
every believer when it comes to giving.


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‘This book is for the Christian and the non-Christian alike. It is an in-depth biblical study coupled with revelation and insights that will help you discover the true freedom that all Christians have to give through God’s grace. ’

Dr. Steven Hough

Steven and Catherine are proud parents of two children, four grandchildren and a spiritual son. Both are worship leaders and students of God’s Word. Most importantly, Steven and Catherine are worshipers and lovers of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and Father God, and their children share the same heart of worship. . After struggling with the concept of tithing, God began to open up the scriptures to reveal new truth and understanding as it relates to giving and showed how tithing is not God's heart nor direction for His children. "The Heart of Giving" is a culmination of years of study, exploration, prayer and learning as God captured our hearts with His overwhelming and overcoming grace and love.


Steven was born the second oldest of five to Bonnie and Charlie Hough in December of 1957. Steven grew up in the church, attending on a regular basis with his family. As he grew, he realized that there was more to faith than attending church, realizing that God pursues us to restore a personal intimate relationship with Him through Christ.


Steven and his wife Catherine (who is an ordained minister), are high school sweethearts. Both attended University of Missouri – Columbia before marrying. Steven went on to receive his Doctorate of Dental Surgery at University of Missouri – Kansas City and furthered his dental education at the University of Loyola – Chicago where he received his specialty in orthodontics.

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‘One of the most commonly used scriptures used to compel Christians to tithe is from Malachi 3:8–11(NIV). This has become, in my opinion, one of the most misused and misinterpreted passages in the Bible .’

Dr. Steven Hough